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Sea Freight

Sea freight, also known as ocean freight, is a vital component of the global transportation industry, facilitating the movement of goods across vast distances through the world’s oceans. It serves as an economic backbone, connecting Southern African countries like Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Zambia and South Africa to overseas markets and plays a crucial role in international trade.

Sea freight offers numerous advantages, including cost-effectiveness for large-volume shipments, the ability to transport a wide range of goods, and lower carbon emissions compared to alternative modes of transport. With its extensive network of ports, shipping lines, and logistics infrastructure, sea freight provides a reliable and efficient means of transporting goods on a global scale.

At International Freight Services (IFS Zimbabwe), we offer a comprehensive range of sea freight services to meet your cargo needs. Whether you require the shipment of break bulk, bulk, containerized, LCL, or out of gauge cargo, we’ve got your ocean freight needs covered.

Our dedicated team is ready to pick up your goods, ship them securely, and provide hassle-free document facilitation throughout the process. With our expertise in trade facilitation, we are well-equipped to advise you on the best shipping options for your business.

Our sea freight services cater to both exports and imports, connecting major trade countries such as China, India, Russia, UAE, Europe, and America. And when it comes to ports of entry and exit, we operate through key hubs like Beira Port and Durban Port. With our focus on supply chain efficiency and forward-thinking solutions, IFS is your trusted partner for seamless sea freight operations.